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'Kiwi Woman' Wendy Anderson revealing her encounters with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. God is reaching out through her to encourage people to get to know Jesus. Jesus is God's present of love to each one of us. Wendy accepted Jesus as her Saviour and asked Him into her heart to live and reign. Jesus then became her open door, to God, himself and His Kingdom for all time.

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  1. “THE JESUS EXPERIENCE” BY WENDY ANDERSON Free ebook copy available

    Jesus pops/visits into my home to chat, laugh, and joke with me. I am that woman, Wendy Anderson. Yeah; for real! And that’s just for starters, grab a coffee and join me in my book. But first….
    I am from New Zealand – Aotearoa – “The Land of The Long White Cloud,” at the bottom of the South Pacific nearly, straggling the “Ring of Fire.” The land is the size of a postage stamp, stuffed filled with scenery, of the world. It is the home of The World Cup Rugby Team named The ‘All Blacks!'(so named for our Maori heritage) And the famous tourist outdoor capital of the world – Queenstown in NZ’s Southern Alps.
    Yes Jesus comes to NZ (New Zealand), and no, Jesus did not hop off an areoplane to get here- He dosen’t need too! I saw Him coming… Yes there is much more in this first book of Father God’ book for Jesus via Wendys adventures with Jesus; with His, Fathers and The Holy Spirit’s help, literally.

    Give it a whirl people! – email me; to request your free/gift email copy. wendys.jesus@gmail.com

    (The paperback is for sale. Sorry!)

    Would you like to be involved in the ministry project with the First Childrens book? To be translated and used in ministries to help them reach the lost and to provide funds too, for necessities in Myanmar and Nepal.
    Would you like to be involved in reaching the world with all of these books? The series of 3 that go with “The Jesus Experience” and or the Childrens Series.

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