Encounters with Jesus in person

Father God told Wendy to share/write a book about her experiences with Jesus.                                                                                            “The Jesus Experience” is born!   (Written)
Everyone is welcome to a gift e-book, via email:   wendys.jesus@gmail.com     or:   A free download on Kobo.com   or:    Face book Messenger on request.
REVIEWS ARE ON AMAZON.COMhttps://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Experience-Wendy-Anderson-ebook/dp/B00NLXQ2Y6
THE LION OF JUDAH in New Zealand

Author: wendy_site

'Kiwi Woman' Wendy Anderson revealing her encounters with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. God is reaching out through her to encourage people to get to know Jesus. Jesus is God's present of love to each one of us. Wendy accepted Jesus as her Saviour and asked Him into her heart to live and reign. Jesus then became her open door, to God, himself and His Kingdom for all time.

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